Kitchen Remodeling

Here are three different kitchens with similar layout in the same building. They were all updated with new white lower shaker cabinets. We used different materials for for flooring and countertops. One is quartz, one is tile and the other is butcher block. Which one do you like more?


Here are two more kitchen remodels. In the top row Kitchen remodel the client had all the materials sourced from reuse suppliers, from the cabinets to tile we made it work and it came out very classy.

For the lower row kitchen remodel we used gray shaker cabinets, quartz for the countertop and allure luxury vinyl tile for the flooring. 

Interior Remodeling

This basement apartment had dated paneling walls and the floor upstairs was sinking in the center, not allowing the doors to close. After lifting and bracing the upper floor we added recessed led lighting and even used local reclaimed fence boards to create this warm fireplace with a secret door to access the furnace, can you guess where it is?

Bathroom Remodeling

This bathroom had leaking pipes which caused the walls to mold and rott the floor. We added new plumbing, insulation and walls, repaired the subfloor, tile and radiant floor heating.The only thing that was kept was the cast iron tub which we painted.

Deck with a view 

With less than 6 feet and a hill there wasn't much space here to work with so we took that to our advantage and created a 6'x10' deck harmoneous with its surroundings. To top it all off we added modern numbers and gate blending new wood with some of the old fence boards!

Deck Rebuild and Addition

The old deck was rotting and built wrong. Rebuilt it from the ground up and added a few more feet and a second set of steps.

Water damage wall repair and new flooring

Water was coming in from a failed drainage system. To solve the problem we rerouted the gutter and capped off the old drainage system pipe, replaced the moldy drywall with new sheetrock and to top it off added Allure vinyl plank flooring.

Add on Deck

There was already a deck for an upstairs unit of this building. By using the structure that was already there we simply added a deck for the downstairs unit in one day!

Here are a few more photos of some small projects that we have done ( We don't take many pictures, we're always working away)

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